Awaken the unlimited possibility of your skin


Rafa Rophe’s synergizing essential ingredients rapidly purify and tone the skin, improving
its texture and outline. Then it enhances the skin barrier, letting you have bright and elastic skin.
TRIPLE PERFECT LUXURY SOAP gives you satisfaction beyond cosmetics.

Triple Perfect

#Shiny Skin

Triple Perfect Kaki-noni

A functional soap that contains fermented
Kaki and noni extracts, making your skin shiny and healthy.
39,600KRW / 120g

#Trouble Care

Triple Perfect Noni Salt

It makes moist and healthy skin without any trouble
thanks to the soft bubbles made by Noni and pink salt.
39,600KRW / 120g

#Elastic Skin

Triple Perfect Propolis

Natural honey and propolis ingredients
give you elastic, moist, and sound skin.
39,600KRW / 120g


#Acne Care

Spot Soap

A trouble spot care soap which washes away waste
and cares for acne with plenty of bubbles.
20,000KRW / 100g

#Moisture Care

Perfect Baby

Moisture care without any irritation and soft bubbles.
A premium soap for delicate and sensitive skin.
38,500KRW / 110g

#Weak Skin Care

Highly Concentrated Sulfur Complex Soap

Most advanced nano & biotechnology
Contained concentrated trehalose
Solution for all skin issues
Effective ingredients more than 15,000 times the effects received in a hot spring
12,700KRW / 30g
38,500KRW / 100g

Perfect cleanse/Skin relief

#Body Cleanse

Special Collaboration-4plus

It is a special collaboration deep-closing product with 19.5% biofeedback extract undiluted solution of phosphorus wormwood and wormwood to help manage mineral-rich and sensitive skin such as vitamin A, C beta-carotene, calcium and iron in the fantastic collaboration of four products of Deep Cleansing Luxury Shop.
22,000KRW / 110g

#Body Cleanse

Noni + Green Bamboo

It has hundreds of beneficial phytochemicals, nutrients, and polyphenols. It is effective in reducing skin aging, improving skin irritation, and helping to calm skin. This is a composite calming premium cleanser containing 19.5% of the undiluted biofeedback extract.
22,000KRW / 110g