Premium Calming

Skincare essence

Awaken your skin’s potential with a fermented kaki base and noni extract.
It penetrates into the skin and fulfills it with moisture. “Fast absorption + immediate skin relief”

Kaki-Noni Intensive Essence

Amazing brightening and wrinkle care effects of kaki and noni

"Aroma Therapy Perfuming Blends"

Geranium Essential Oil (E.O)
Lavender Essential Oil (E.O)

35,000KRW / 50ml
  1. Sulfur complex (3000 times more concentrated than a hot spring) Kaki has around 60 kinds of organic acids, like malic acid, citric acid and acetic acids, and organic noni has over 140 kinds of minerals and over 50 kinds of effective ingredients. Also it contains Special Functionality Optimal Colabo, which means various materials collaborate to solve skin troubles.
  2. It absorbs immediately into the skin to deliver the moisture and nutrition without stickiness at all.
  3. It enhances the skin immunity and makes the skin healthier and more elastic.


2-year fermented kaki base liquid delivers nutrition to the skin fast. Tannin helps discharge foreign pollutants, and detoxes and sterilizes the skin while preventing allergic reactions. Also it prevents aging, so it results in elastic and healthy skin.


Iridoid from noni prevents foreign pollutants and boosts skin regeneration. Noni’s phytochemical strengthen and soften the skin, and enhance the skin’s immunity.

Sulfur Complex

The sulfur complex, which is 3,000 times more concentrated than that of a hot spring, purifies the skin of harmful substances rapidly and boosts elasticity.


Vitamin B (Niacinamide) boosts brightening, and prevents aging and dullness by enhancing the skin barrier.


Adenosine is very safe ingredient, and it boosts skin regeneration, improving skin elasticity, and being effective against wrinkles.
How to use Kaki–Noni Intensive Essence
  1. Wash your face neatly and cleanly.
  2. Clear up the skin with toner and cotton pads.
  3. Take the proper amount of Kaki-Noni Intensive Essence and apply it all over the face.
  4. Take the proper amount of Kak-Noni Nutritive Cream and apply it to the face then tap it gently to absorb it into skin.