Premium Intensive

Skin Trouble Care Balm

Immediate supply of moisture and nutritional balance Can be used on the body, face, and lips.
Thanks to its multi-stick type. “Moisturized and soft skin + Intensive skin trouble care”


Amazing brightening and wrinkle care effects of kaki and noni

30,000KRW / 35g (White)
20,000KRW / 20g (Black)
  1. A blend of natural oils (sundrops, camellia seeds), Shea butter, and hemp seed oil, with lemon’s freshness, without any stickiness. It is fit for dry skin or trouble skin to supply moisture and balanced nutrition.
  2. It gives moisture and nutrition by containing a 2-year fermented kaki base and oils like sundrops, camellia seeds, lavender, lemon, menthol, and sulfur and chitosan care for troubled skin providing the best skin balance.
  3. Chitosan and patented sulfur relieve the skin troubles and itchy skin and help to remove dead skin and waste.
How to use Premium Intensive Trouble Care
Chitosan Sulfur Balm
Apply it to any dry skin, areas with dead cells, or rough patches often. It will be relieved soon. You can use this on your scalp or head due to its safety. Twist the stick then you can apply the product where it is dry and itchy.