Save the Earth

Protective ECO MASK

“Plastic recycling + Eco-friendly mask + Eco-friendly packaging (OXO – Biodegradable Plastics)”

Rafa Rophe Eco Mask


  1. An environment-conscious mask
    PET material is used as a raw material to significantly reduce pollution to the surrounding environment. A fabric certified by GRS was used.
  2. Add ionizing agent by a cutting-edge method
    It emits powerful far-infrared rays and anions with advanced composites, harriers, catalysts, and ionized components, and has excellent anti-bacterial, anti-virus, odor, and deodorization.
  3. 3D company mask for comfortable wear
    It is a functional mask that sticks to the face curve with a 3D company type mask, which is easy to breathe, protects skin, and can be used as a fashion item.
    It is a mask that is easy to breathe and prevents skin trouble caused by long-term use and pimples on the lips.