Contains 40 to 45% of a naturally fermented base. It grants great energy to the scalp and hair.
“Powerful strength conditioning + Healing scalp care + Trouble care”

Luffa Shampoo

Naturally fermented luxury shampoo.

15,000KRW / 150g
25,000KRW / 300g

#ElasticHair #BalanceConditioning #ScalpCare #SoftHair

1-2 years fermented Luffa shampoo from nature
  1. It allows scalp recovery and hair health thanks to intense hair care with a naturally fermented base and sulfur.
  2. It is a shampoo proven by many testimonials with a functional, naturally fermented base (Luffa or Kaki- sulfur + amino acids + α)
  3. It purifies the scalp with harmless amino acids and nutrients, protecting and healing the scalp, and softening and enriching the hair.
  4. Luffa shampoo refreshes the scalp with sweet mango and citric mandarin fragrances, and Kaki shampoo refreshes with mango and grapefruit, so both have an aroma therapy effect.
Essential tips to use Luffa shampoo for the best effect
  1. Nightly shampooing is essential (you can shampoo in the morning as well).
  2. Leave the shampoo for 3 to 5 minutes after application. It would be better to leave it over 5 minutes to completely purify the scalp and to condition and balance the hair)
  3. Rinse the shampoo thoroughly.
  4. Dry the hair thoroughly inside and out.