Rafa Rophe


2020 AUG
Korea Cosmetics Association Material Registration (Development Material ICID) Registration
Trademark Registration No. 40-1632689
2020 JUL
Small and Medium Venture Business Department Designates promising small and medium-sized enterprises for export
CLK TRADING INC Product Supply and Partnership Agreement in the United States
USD 773 (first export performance)
USD $762 (second export performance)
2020 JUN
Trademark application 40-2020-0099885 ARONIC
Trademark application 40-2020-0100532 QUREPET
2020 MAY
Trademark application 40-2020-0074011 SUNMIHAN
Trademark application 40-2020-0074022 PRALIER
Trademark application 40-2020-0074211 NOBLERAISE
40-2020-0074203 PURIZENT
2020 APR
Venture Business Verification: 2020104157
2020 MAR
Laparope NMPA (formerly known as CFDA certification
Notification 4 items completed by Vietnam Department of Health (Lupa Shampoo, Kaki Shampoo, Laparope Triple Propolis Soap, Noni & Cinnamon Double Plus Soap)
European Union Trademark Registry No. 1489675
2020 FEB
Report of manufacture of animal medicines and approval of the manufacturing manager 타겟 TTSCopy번역 저장번역 저장 Edit Voting Translation
2020 JAN
Identification number of the Corporate Affiliated Research Institute: No. 2020110502
2019 DEC
ISO22716:2007 Certification
2019 Excellent Bio Product Certification Number: 19-2040-05
Brazilian Trademark Registration No. 917307658
2019 SEP
Patent Registration No. 10-1973936-Manufacturing methods of soap containing composite sulphur and minerals
Patent Registered No. 10-1973935–Composite sulfur with excellent skin beauty effects and soap containing them
2019 JUL
Japanese Trademark Registration No. 6172238
2019 MAY
FDA certification (safety inspection, facility registration)
Indian Trademark Registration No. 4174545
2019 FEB
PR.CHNA First Overseas Export $3,696
2018 SEP
Trademark Registration No. 40-1395608 35
Trademark Registration No. 40-1395609 03
Trademark Registration No. 40-1395610 1
2018 AUG
Create catalogs, homepage and shopping mall
2018 JUL
7 Fabrication and release of molds for each Stories concept
2018 JUN
Contract to move into the Corporate Research Center of Chungbuk Industrial-Academic Convergence Headquarters
2018 MAY
Cosmetics Manufacturing Sales Register
2018 JAN
Establishment of Rafa Rophe