Rafa Rophe


RafaRophe is an “ECO BIO BRAND” for the best combination of proprietary Lafarope ECO BIO manufacturing technology and pure raw materials obtained from nature, and then for the treatment (healing) to an unseen place based on Double Therapy technology for various Troubles with highly functional materials selected and differentiated from enzymatic/aging/refining techniques.

To protect and save skin, health and agriculture from many harmful substances, the goal is to find a “new path” to restore the original and beautiful values of nature and all things.

Based on our unique ECO BIO technology, we aim to create a natural bio product that can convey health and happiness using pure natural materials. The role of “RafaRophe” is to create a beautiful world by sharing, giving and conveying.
Rafa Rophe, an ecologist constantly researching and discovering
We work to help restore the broken skin ecosystem.
We use only ingredients that are naturally safe for the skin ecosystem.
We learn the providence of nature and use its effective values.
We help nature and skin to maintain healthy beauty.

RafaRophe Co. CEO Ki Cheol Hwang