Rafa Rophe



FDA Safety inspection completed

FDA Certificate of Registration

NMPA (formerly) CFDA certification

Patent Registration No. 10-1973936

Patent registration No. 10-1973935

Venture business confirmation

2019 Korea Green Energy Excellence Award

Korea Customer Trust Brand Grand Prize

Soap composition containing
natural ingredients (applied)

Natural functional soap composition (applied)

Composition for scalp and hair
containing fermented persimmon
products (applied)

Grand Plaza Cheongju Hotel
Duty Free Shop Agreement

The right to use the certified
biomark by the governor of

Application for hair loss prevention
and scalp improvement composition

Certificate of company affiliated
research institute

Certificate of manufacturing business
of quasi-drug products for animals

Approval of manufacturing manager
of quasi-drug products for animals

Women-friendly Ilchon
Enterprise Agreement

Soap case design application

40-1580463 Graphic trademark
registration certificate

Chinese trademark registration certificate

Chinese trademark registration certificate

Trademark Registration No. 40-1395608

Trademark Registration No. 40-1395609

Trademark Registration No. 40-1395610

Vietnam product registration

Brazilian trademark registration

Japanese trademark registration

Export promising SME certificate

Mulberry shampoo trademark registration

Malaysia overseas trademark registration

Sterilization test report KTR

Far-infrared ray test report KIFA

Active ingredient test report KOPTRI

Heavy Metals and Hazardous Components Test Report KCL

5-item compound sulfur component analysis

KTR- Test Report

KTR – Heavy metal test report

Antibacterial (sterilization) report

Vitamin C

Vitamin C

Raparope_Preservation test (PCPC)

Raparope_Preservation test (PCPC)

Black Garba Shampoo Test Report

Heavy Metal Report

Human skin irritation test (soap)

Cytotoxicity test report

Kyunghee University Skin Biotechnology
Center in vitro result report

Human body application test

Human skin irritation test (shampoo)

Human application test (hair shine)

Human application test (scalp)

Human application test (scalp)