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A great deal of and dense bubbles made of natural fatty acids allow cleansing and essential oils, and 3,000 to 15,000 times
the concentration of sulfur than what is found at sulfur hot springs. It allows effective cleansing and gives the feeling of
a hot spring with every wash. Experience the value of “Rafa Rophe Premium Soap”, the luxury skincare product.

Effects of Rafa Rophe Premium Soap

It removes inflammation
It relieves the skin effectively.
Bonding Collagen
It boosts collagen’s cross bonding.
Regernation cells work fast to dim scars.
It provides thrombolysis-like action and the promotes blood circulation.
All germs, viruses, and fungi are killed while remaining safe to the human body.
Blended natural essence oils
Gives natural aroma therapy effects (respiratory and skin)
Far-infrared radiation (Life rays)
Life rays are released until the soap is consumed.

None of the 9 harmful ingredients

It does not contain Ethanol, Synthetic pigment, Parabens, artificial oils, artificial moisturizer, triclosan,
artificial hardener, artificial surfactant, or Triethanolamine. 

It is not made by MP (Melt and pour), CP (Cold process), or HP (Hot process) methods, but by a unique RR (Rafa Rophe) method with natural fats (Coconut and palm oil) and Shea butter, Cocoa butter, a soap base, an added sulfur complex, aroma therapy ingredients, and patented functional ingredients.


For the best result, make enough bubbles and rub and massage on your face, body, and hair for 1 to 2 minutes. Then the sulfur complex absorbs into the skin.
Excellent functional effects of the unique eco-bio techniques and unrivaled ingredient. PREMIUM RESTORE SOAP has excellence and matchless ingredients with the Rafa Rophe ECO-BIO manufacturing techniques. It includes enzymes from fermentation and 11 refined ingredients.
For the first time in Korea- using a BIO sulfur complex for skin elasticity Rafa Rophe soap is the only product that contains a BIO sulfur complex (processed herbs, ionization, methyl sulfonyl methane) instead of simple sulfur, and this ingredient acts as an adhesive for amino acids, including collagen to promote skin elasticity, and smooth skin.
Highly concentrated natural sulfur to purify and detox skin PREMIUM RESTORE SOAP contains a highly concentrated sulfur complex (3000mg to 15000mg) which generates sulfur amino acids, cysteine, pentation acid, etc, to purify and detox the skin.
  • Traditionally people visited sulfur hot spring when they had skin problems to find a remedy. The epidermis of the skin is made of keratin, which contains the sulfur-based amino acid (cysteine). The sulfur hot spring rapidly cleansed and detoxed the skin.
  • Sulfur hot springs contain over 1 mg of sulfur in 1 liter of water, but PREMIUM RESTORE SOAP contains over 3,000mg to 15,000 mg of a sulfur complex per 100 grams, which means it 3,000 to 15,000 times more concentrated compared to a hot spring.